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A Thing: A Mind Monochrome (W.I.P)
Perched atop a high roof,
a cat of iridescent ink cuddles with a boy in black
alone together, their heads are raised upwards
bewitched by the azure's allure.
Inky eyes enthralled by pure cerulean skies,
the bold blue washes over the cat like revitalizing waters,
it feels its body growing vibrant and lustrous,
brimming with brightness matching the sun.
The boy's mind blanks out
his chromatic mind cannot comprehend the heaven's hue,
for it is nothing but grey
colour cancelled out by expanded shades
a blotched sun burns black,
beckoning him bitterly to look away
and he lowers his head,
not wishing a frostbitten mind.
He looks down again at the dirt and dust,
stones strewn out like finely grated bones,
between rows of trees like teeth
entrenched in the earth's maw.
:iconkinglorshi:Kinglorshi 2 6
Cabin Boy PT 1: Appointment
Cabin Boy Pt 1 Ver. 2
August 10th 2013. That was a special day. I had an important appointment to make with a certain someone, you see. I would like to say I have gained a habit for getting involved with people's qualms and distresses, in order to ease them out of their pain. That's not my job, but it's a duty that was given to me by no one but myself.
To get to this certain someone's place, I had to make a long, uncomfortable trek through areas most people travel to. It's a long, dreadful walk, but it's a trek many people have to make. These places, these paths... I call this place the Graveyard of Signs, personally, but many people give it various names. Others include the big D, the grey area, the endless road... Say you were to traverse this place... It would feel like roads that feel vacant and dusty, a sign of what's come and gone; you trudge worn out gravel which crunches beneath your feet. Insignificant, breaks at the lightest step, that type of thing.
Dust kicks up with you as
:iconkinglorshi:Kinglorshi 0 0
GRIT Piece #3: Scrapped Mountain Intro
The wind wails through the mountain pass, frantically throwing up streams of snow and stone as it whips through. The mountain stoically holds it's ground, unfazed by the wild weather that tramples the environment. The mountain visibly punctures through colourless clouds, a sign of it's docile dominance over most nature. It is a site most would commemorate, were it human. However, the mountain does not question what it lives with; it simply stands firm in the face of the world.
:iconkinglorshi:Kinglorshi 1 5
Re-upload: The White Room (2013)
Garbed in clothing that is coloured green like grass,
The young boy enters the white room,
and once more takes refuge in its colossal walls
that shelter him from the outside world
This building is a library,
A structure enclosed by magnificent walls
and windows that overlook the vast ocean
And rows upon rows of bookshelves,
all cluttered with hundreds books that his mind has written
He begins pacing around his library,
scanning his assortment of books which line the shelves
books of housekeeping,
books of tasty food and good living,
books of proper chatting and communication,
of friendship and living in communities,
of unity, of peace and the world,
of space, of stars, the universe
The existence of God himself...
And of course, the secrets to making the ultimate action figure!
Amidst his scanning, he grabs a book of stars,
and begins reading loudly and energetically:
"Stars, something bright and sparkly in the sky
that us land people can't reach
but we wish we could
Too many of them, t
:iconkinglorshi:Kinglorshi 1 1
GRIT Piece #2: The Introvert
The introvert - a painting/drawing, of a woman encased in an ocean blue abyss sphere, reading a book by herself. Not far off is a ladder, in which she could leave her own world, and experience reality for what it really is. However, this individual chooses to stay, refraining from partaking in the world for what it is. An extrovert and an introvert see the world through entirely different lenses; an extrovert is outward, the world may appear as a rush, frantic, forward. What is a tree to them? Perhaps it is what it is. The extrovert’s world may be vibrant, active, constantly moving, sounds around, life is alive. The introvert drowns it out; all is cold, unseen, a fish afraid, moving through black murky waters. Lifeless, the world appears in front of them. Their imagination is all that lives, vivid and strong, washing away a dreary day. Alternatively, they may drench their dreary eyes and drown out their experiences. Dull and dead, frigid, still, until their mind moves it all like
:iconkinglorshi:Kinglorshi 2 1
A thing #2: Fires
Frantic fires gather together like little wisps,
flaring about as they leap across soaked stones
sizzling radiantly above the surface of the sea
They leave their mark,
leaving stones scorched from where they sprung
wishing to join their cousins in the sky
:iconkinglorshi:Kinglorshi 1 3
GRIT Piece: Time
Time: Impartial, unwavering, business-like, caring only for it’s streams and dimensions. To push onward and continue existence. Time is fear: it is not a friend, often an enemy, antagonized by oceans of humans who wish to control it. However it has no emotion or conscious, it simply slaves away ensuring it’s own existence and impact. Though it affects the lives of every living thing, it doesn’t live; rather time lies scattered across the universe. Eggs that have hatched, now influencing and ruling (well, in the perspective of people) over whatever domain it was born into. Earth, (in our case) lives like a giant, it oversees the construction and the destruction of every organism ever, simply because it lives.
I remember describing time or the brain as a clockwork, each set at different points. Happiness, misery, all that, behaves like a clockwork. Much like our minds, time does not exist the same way on earth as it does in space. It is all relative to a place.
Time rem
:iconkinglorshi:Kinglorshi 1 1
A thing: Frail Feathers
Frail feathers feebly fall
like snowflakes snaring the soil’s soul
Of crippled critters seeking a savory salvation
with wings clipped before taking flight to a starlight sky
Though flightless, they point their beaks upward,
seeing themselves soar like arrows through silent skies.
:iconkinglorshi:Kinglorshi 2 11




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